Livewire CRUD Generator

In this Tutorial, we will see how to Generate CRUD Files for your Model using the TALL Stack (TailwindCss, AlpineJS, Laravel & Livewire). We are going to use the ascsoftw/tall-crud-generator Laravel Package to generate the Files. Below is the output of the Component generated using the Package.

Package is fully customisable and works by generating the actual PHP Files related to Livewire Component. You are free to use it anywhere in your Project. It is also easier to customize them since you are editing the Livewire Files rather than figuring out the Configurable Options of the Package.

In order to use this Package, you must make sure that all the TALL Dependencies are installed. So you must have installed Livewire, AlpineJS and TailwindCss before using this Package.

The Package can be installed using the following command:

composer require ascsoftw/tall-crud-generator

Once Package is installed, you just need to select the Model for which you want to generate the CRUD Files. You will then be presented with a List of Options which you can configure as per your requirement. Some of the Features which are currently supported are:

  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Filtering ( with Related Models)
  • Pagination
  • Eager Loading Relation
  • Add/ Edit / Delete Form in a Modal
  • Saving Related Fields (including BelongsTo and BelongsToMany)
  • Validation
  • Ordering the Fields in Listing as well as Form
  • Enabling Pagination Dropdown
  • Bulk Actions
  • Show/ Hide Column on Listing
  • Flash Messages

Since the Package generates the actual PHP Files, you are free to customize them and add any new functionality or change existing functionality.

Package is actively maintained and fully Open Source under MIT License. Do let us know if you want a new Feature to be included by raising a ticket on Github.

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